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Referring Information and What to Expect

To refer please fax the referral form or a your consultation request form to 850-765-9094 along with the patient contact information or call 850-765-2460. We will then request limited clinical records for review by Dr. John Bailey or Ellen Berkowitz prior to a consultation. It is required that all patients referred have a consultation with a TMS certified psychiatrist to assure that TMS treatment is indicated unless they are referred by a TMS certified psychiatrist. The consultation and documentation are very key to obtaining the health care insurer's authorization for TMS treatment. Should authorization be denied, we will assist you and the patient with appeals. Of course we have affordable options for the uninsured.

Upon referral, we will preform a free Benefits Investigation and the psychiatric consultation will be scheduled. Upon completion of the consultation, you will be notified as to the recommendations and when the six week treatment course will begin. If the patient is questionable for TMS treatment or, there are questions, the consultant psychiatrist will talk directly with you.

During treatment, you will receive periodic communications and PHQ-9'scores. Upon completion of the treatments you will receive a final report with recommendations.

We hope bilateral communications will result benefit the patient, your care, lead to the best patient experience and outcome. It is essential we are aware of medication changes or significant changes in the patient's status or any of your concerns.

We look forward to working with you and your patients.

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