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Information for Mental Health Professionals

Thank you for your interest in TMS Patient care and looking into using TMS Treatments for your patients.

Transcrainial Magnetic Stimulation utilizing the NeuroStar unit is an FDA cleared, effective treatment for patients suffering from major depression. Side effects are minimal. TMS response rate is greater than 60% with complete remission rates of over 40%. In studies, thus far, over 60% of responders do not require re-treatment within the first year.

All of us at TMS Patient Care are dedicated to the highest level of patient experience and TMS treatment. Our team and all that we do is driven by the patient's well-being.

We invite you to explore our web site. We also welcome you and your staff to attend one of our monthly open houses. Also, just call and a private tour and educational visit will be scheduled. We also offer a "Lunch and Learn" visit to your office. If you would like more information concerning studies leading to FDA clearance and subsequent efficacy studies, we will deliver an information packet including an "Executive Summary" to your office. Finally, you may call one of our professional staff at the TMS Patient Care office, 850-765-2460, for further information.

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