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Doctor John Bailey is an osteopathic physician who has practiced psychiatry in Tallahassee, Florida for twenty-four years. He is active in his profession on many levels, and has been recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a Distinguished Fellow since 2003. He is Board Certified in Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Inc.

Doctor Bailey has served as the President of the Florida Psychiatric Society and remains active in leadership roles in the field, both regionally and nationally. He has been a peer reviewer for psychiatric care for the Agency for Health Care Administration in Florida, for the Florida Correctional Medical Authority and for the U.S. Department of Justice. He currently participates in numerous committees affecting public policy and advocating for improvement in psychiatric care.

Dr. Ellen Berkowitz is a Tallahassee native who returned to practice psychiatry in her home community in 1987.

She has provided clinical services in a variety of settings including the US Air Force, administrative services for a large mental health center and the FL Department of Corrections, and has been on the faculty at the Tallahassee Memorial Family Practice Residency Program and the FSU College of Medicine.

She is a member of the American Psychiatric Association and the Florida Psychiatric Society and has over the years provided volunteer services through direct patient care as well as administrative activity.


Jim Stockwell, MD is the founder, President and Operations Manager of TMS Patient Care. He is a retired Tallahassee gastroenterologist.

With the encouragement of some local psychiatrists and a family member, he brought the FDA approved cutting-edge Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to the local Tallahassee region after researching the sound scientific basis, documented effectiveness and safety of the treatment. Dr. Stockwell personally experienced the efficacy of TMS therapy when an Atlanta family member underwent successful treatment.

The local establishment of TMS Patient Care was also in keeping with Dr. Stockwell’s belief that all should have timely, convenient access to quality health care. Prior to this time, depressed patients with a need for innovative NeuroStar TMS therapy obtained treatment only by traveling long distances.

In keeping with an intense interest for access to healthcare and the prevention of colon cancer, Dr. Stockwell provided services in three, underserved rural counties during the first eight years of retirement. Also in 1992 while President of the Capital Medical Society, he was instrumental in the establishment of ‘We Care Network’ which now has over 300 volunteer physicians delivering specialty medical services to individuals with incomes less than 150% of the Federal poverty level. To date, services totaling 70 million dollars have been provided by the physicians of the Capital Medical Society and its generous partners.


Tanya Hughes, RN joined TMS Patient Care in January of 2015, and serves as the TMS Clinical Manager. She brings with her a wealth of nursing experience in the mental health field.  Her past experience includes working as a psychiatric nurse with patients ranging from young children to the geriatric population.

As TMS Clinical Manager, Tanya is responsible for administering TMS treatments, collecting baseline and follow-up depression self-ratings scores, and overseeing the progress of all TMS clients. Most importantly, Tanya is dedicated to ensuring that her clients feel safe and comfortable, and is intent on offering compassionate, empathetic care at all times.

She believes that NeuroStar TMS is a remarkable technology which will revolutionize the way that depression, as well as other mental and medical illnesses, will be treated. She has personally watched the transformation of clients from the beginning of TMS to the conclusion, and she can confidently say that it is a life-changing treatment.

Barbette Shepherd, MS, CPC

Barbette’s professional career has evolved around healthcare, education, and counseling. She attained academic credentials with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology, and then further refined her specialties by attaining certifications in Grief Counseling and in Life Coaching.

She is passionate about serving clients in healthcare and education; assisting individuals to attain a higher level of well-being. Motivated by a genuine concern for the healing journey, she authored and published grief support curriculum in 2013. Extensive training, abundant experience, and a warm nature result in the ability to generate powerful support for those placed into her care for TMS treatment.

As a Certified TMS treatment Specialist, Barbette has experienced numerous first-hand accounts of the benefits of this cutting edge technology in seeing lives continually renewed. 


Kelly Chaffin 

Kelly Chaffin brings 25 years of expertise in advanced administrative roles to TMS Patient Care. As the TMS Coordinator, she is a multi-skilled professional who possesses a proven ability to provide a high level of support at the heart of facility functions.

Kelly’s role extends into the community through public relations fostering awareness and collaboration.  As a Certified TMS Treatment Specialist, she is caring and intuitive, generating a supportive treatment environment conducive to healing.  

Kelly’s training as a Certified Professional Coach extends to each client through therapeutic, responsive connections. She finds working with NeuroStar TMS therapy to be meaningful and fulfilling as she continually encounters patient success stories while working with individuals through their healing process. 


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